Hey... It's been a while...

Soo much have happened..I really don't know where to start..??

Well. let's start with the good news, unless you haven't noticed WE HAVE A BAND!!

So say hello to the new crew: JAY CASABLANCAS (Bass), ELI STREAM (Guit) and CAL LUNDEN (Keys)

That is awesome in so many ways, and it's a great feeling being around the same talented, lovely people every time you're on the road, we are blessed! :)


Right now we're at a pre production stage of the new EP that is gonna be released spring 2020, and we can't wait til you guys hear the new stuff!!

It also seems like we're gonna travel a bit next year,

So far we're going to Germany, Denmark and Austria, but i don't think it's gonna stop there. Don't forget to check our website for upcoming dates.

Talk to ya'll soon!